2023 was a another transitional year for me. I moved back to California half way through the year and changed jobs in the process. I took a more disciplined approach to doing the things I find healthy and felt proud of my effort. I want to continue my positive momentum in 2024, but with more focus on fewer goals.

New 2024 Goals

Mon Jan 01yyvyRun 2miBeach in SF
Tue Jan 02yyyyyRest day, new coworker
Wed Jan 03yyyybike to work, pickleballPickleball with Julia
Thu Jan 04yyyyyybike to work, pickelballPickleball with Kevin
Fri Jan 05yyyybike to work
Sat Jan 06wpickleball
Sun Jan 07wbikeVisit Angel Island SF with Sylvia (wow)
Mon Jan 08yyyybike to work, climbFirst SpaceX SMS, belay class with Kevin
Tue Jan 09yyyyybike to workMom knee surgery
Wed Jan 10yyyyybike to workVisit mom
Thu Jan 11yyyyyysquat(8,6@225, extra)Rock climbing with Kevin
Fri Jan 12yybike to workDinner with mom
Sat Jan 13yywyy
Sun Jan 14yywyyrun 4mi, pullupsSaw dolphins+Gabe in SF
Mon Jan 15yyyhywalk/hike, bench(5x10@50), run 2mi
Tue Jan 16yyyyybike to work
Wed Jan 17yyyydeadlift(5x5@275)Climbing with Kevin+Gabe
Thu Jan 18yyyyyypickleball
Fri Jan 19yyyyyybench(5x10@50)
Sat Jan 20wyswimCookies with mom + Sylvia
Sun Jan 21yyywyyclimb, bsquat(5x5@225,3@255)Climb with Mark, Kevin, Gabe
Mon Jan 22yyyyyyclimb, bench(5x5@145,2@165)In N Out with Kevin
Tue Jan 23yyyyyybike to workCatch with Andrew
Wed Jan 24yyyyyyclimbingClimb with Kevin, Gabe, Vineet
Thu Jan 25yyyyysquat(5x5@225,1@275)Sin Pad dinner
Fri Jan 26yyyyyRest day, drive to SF with Kevin.
Sat Jan 27yyywyybench(5x6@165)Climb with many people in Presidio
Sun Jan 28ywyyrun 4miMax anniversary lunch
Mon Jan 29yyyyyydeadlift(5x6@225)New employee first day
Tue Jan 30yyyysquat(5x6@225,3@275), pickleballLast pickleball with Andrew
Wed Jan 31yyyyyyclimb, bench(5x5@165,1@185)Climb before work with Mark,Kevin
Thu Feb 01yyyyyyrow(4x13@135, weak), climbFirst 5.11- climb, walk Lily
Fri Feb 02yyyyrun 3.5mi
Sat Feb 03yyywyyFinished reading Invisible Planets
Sun Feb 04yyywyysquat(3x5@225,5@235, 2@285), climbEnormous wheaties purchase
Mon Feb 05yyyydbbench(5x8@60)Night run with Lily
Tue Feb 06yyyyyydeadlift(5x5@275)
Wed Feb 07yyyyyybike to work
Thu Feb 08yyyyybike to work
Fri Feb 09yyyyybike to work, climb, dbbench(4x8@60,8@65) bigClimb with Gabe+Mark, stayed late at work
Sat Feb 10yyywyytennis, deadlift(2x6@275,2x6@295)Watched Mamma Mia
Sun Feb 11yywyyhike, treadmill(30min)Hike with Lilvia
Mon Feb 12yyyyyybike to work, dbbench(4x9@60, 6@65)TFT breakthrough at work
Tue Feb 13yyyyyybike to work, squat(4x5@235, 2,3@285)
Wed Feb 14yyyybike to work, climb, ohp(4x8@95)Climb with coworkers
Thu Feb 15yyyyybike to work(not home), climb
Fri Feb 16yyyyybike to workVisit mom
Sat Feb 17yyywydbbench(2x8@65, 3x10@60), row(2x10@155?)Rodeo beach (wow x2!)
Sun Feb 18yyywyyRest day, walk Lily
Mon Feb 19yyyyysquat(315, 3x5@245), climbbig squat
Tue Feb 20yyyyyydbbench(5x8@65), biceps(3x10+@25)fired up old computer
Wed Feb 21yyyyybike to work, pickleball
Thu Feb 22yyyyyRest day (back hurts), fuzzing git
Fri Feb 23yyyybench(4x6@165, 2@185), biceps(3x15@25), OHP, bike to work
Sat Feb 24ywyyoutside rock climbing in RWC. Walk lily. not proud.
Sun Feb 25yyywyyclimb, lat pulldown(3x10@165), leg extension(??)Walk lily. SCTP wiki article addition.
Mon Feb 26yyyyyydbbench(4x8@65)clean room
Tue Feb 27yyyyyyclimb
Wed Feb 28yyyyyytreadmill(40min)Board games at work
Thu Feb 29yyyyyytreadmill(30min)Walk Lily.
Fri Mar 01yyyyy"bike" to work, dbbench(5x8@65), bicepsGabe practice opening, first ever flat tire
Sat Mar 02yyywyyclimb, dbrow(4x15@55), inc treadmill(30min)Dune 2
Sun Mar 03yywyywalk 4mi, OHP(4x9@95)
Mon Mar 04yyyyyybench(4x6@175, 4@185), bicepsBike repair
Tue Mar 05yyyyyydeadlift(4x5@225), delts
Wed Mar 06yyyyybike to work, bench(5x6@165, 1@200)climb with Mark
Thu Mar 07yyyyyybike to workJonathan going away drinks
Fri Mar 08yyyybike to work(not home), squat(3x8@185 atg), biceps, climb
Sat Mar 09yywytennisDinner with mom
Sun Mar 10yywyytennis, hike with dogs
Mon Mar 11yyyyybike to work, dbbench(5x9@65)
Tue Mar 12yyyyy
Wed Mar 13yyyyyydbrow(4x12+@50), lateral raise(4x10@15), biceps(4x10@30)Fly to Redmond, Git mailing list
Thu Mar 14yyyyyydbbench(5x11@60), shrug(3x20@70)
Fri Mar 15yyyyyyReturn from Redmond, tried exercising
Sat Mar 16yyywyysquat(3x8@185 atg), biceps(4x11@30)Climb at Castle Rock
Sun Mar 17ywybench(4x8@165)Visit UCB
Mon Mar 18yyyyyybike to work (not home), climbwork: srsRAN in cluster. Good effort.
Tue Mar 19yyyyyybike to work, bench(5x8@175), biceps(4x10@30)See Andrea.
Wed Mar 20yyyybike to work, deadlift(4x5@255)
Thu Mar 21yyyyybike to work(not home)Flat tire #2
Fri Mar 22yyyyy
Sat Mar 23yywPresidio Parade Lawn with Sylvia (wow)
Sun Mar 24yywyysquat(4x6@225), bench(5x10@65 big)2x In n Out, tennis with Rory
Mon Mar 25yyyyyjog/treadmillTooth scan
Tue Mar 26yyyyyybike to work, biceps(4x10+@30)
Wed Mar 27yyyyybike to workSick
Thu Mar 28yyyyyygit contribution landed, sick
Fri Mar 29yyysyysick, salt+straw ice cream
Sat Mar 30yyywyysick, walk Lily, child birthday party
Sun Mar 31yyywyysick
Mon Apr 01yysyysick
Tue Apr 02yssick
Wed Apr 03yysyysick, Lily at Jordan, clean room
Thu Apr 04yyyyysick, making crosswords
Fri Apr 05yyyyyysick, good creative progress on stamp
Sat Apr 06yywyysick
Sun Apr 07yyywysoftballsick, visit mom
Mon Apr 08yyysick
Tue Apr 09yyyyybike 5misick, Drop off car for repair
Wed Apr 10yyyysick, not proud (work)
Thu Apr 11yyyytreadmill walk (30min)sick, haircut
Fri Apr 12yyyynot sick, good effort at work
Sat Apr 13w
Sun Apr 14yyyysoftballweekend work, visit mom, Flynn dinner, injure shoulder
Mon Apr 15yyyyyvisit mom
Tue Apr 16yyyyy
Wed Apr 17yyyy
Thu Apr 18yyyyyytreadmill(35min)Good day
Fri Apr 19yyyy
Sat Apr 20yyyyyytreadmill(30min)Explore Presidio more, visit mom, chart CSS sticky header
Sun Apr 21yyyypickleballWalk Lily, pickleball with Rory
Mon Apr 22yyyyybike to work
Tue Apr 23yyyyyybike to work, squat(95lbs, atg)
Wed Apr 24yyyyyybike to workboard games with coworkers
Thu Apr 25yyyyybike to work, deadlift(185)
Fri Apr 26yyyybike to workdrive to Tahoe
Sat Apr 27yytrail run(4.5mi)
Sun Apr 28yyywyywalk in forest, visit Jackson
Mon Apr 29yyyyyybike to work (not home), squat, climb
Tue Apr 30yyyyybike to work
Wed May 01yyyy1/2 bike to work, climb, deadlift(3x8@225)bad time management
Thu May 02yyyyybike to work, bench(3x10@135)
Fri May 03yyyyyybike from work, climb
Sat May 04ywsquat(3x10@135)
Sun May 05yywyytennis, softball, pickleball
Mon May 06yyyybike to work
Tue May 07yyyyyyclimb, deadlift(4x8+@185), bike home
Wed May 08yyyyyybike to workWalk with Mark
Thu May 09yyyyCalifornia Academy of Sciences
Fri May 10yyyyybike to work, squat(3x10@135)
Sat May 11yywyyclimb, OHP(4x8@80), jogLily care + chores
Sun May 12yyywyydeadlift(4x8+@225), tennis, softballEnormous Pops purchase
Mon May 13yyyyyybike to work, dbbench(4x10@50)
Tue May 14yyyyyclimb, bike to workOrthodontist visit
Wed May 15yyyybike to workGiant's game with Andrew+Rory+Sherwin
Thu May 16yyyyyybike to work, squat(5x10+@135)Meet with Cezanne+Ian+Johnny. Good day!
Fri May 17yyyclimb, bike to work
Sat May 18yyywyhikeTahoe
Sun May 19yywhike, bench(5x10@50)Tahoe
Mon May 20yyyybike to work
Tue May 21yyyyydeadlift(4x8@225)
Wed May 22yyyyyclimb(first 5.11+(soft)), OHP(4x8@75)Kevin school presentation
Thu May 23yyyyysquat(5x8@185)drive to airport, fix sprinkler, see Lily
Fri May 24yyyyybike to work
Sat May 25yywyBoston
Sun May 26ywyhikeBoston
Mon May 27yyhyyPresidio walk
Tue May 28yyyyybike to work, deadlift(4x8@225)
Wed May 29yyyyybike to work, climbMorning climb with coworkers
Thu May 30yyyyyybike to work
Fri May 31yybike to workboard games with coworkers
Sat Jun 01yywbike to gymclimbing competition, TTB concert
Sun Jun 02yywypickleballTahoe
Mon Jun 03yhyclimb outdoorsTahoe
Tue Jun 04yyyyybike to work, bench(10@50,4x8@60)
Wed Jun 05yyyyybike to work, climb
Thu Jun 06yyyyyybike to work, row(3x10@135), lateral raisesStarship flight 4
Fri Jun 07yyyyybike to work, climb, lunges(4x16@50)
Sat Jun 08ywbike 8mi, bench(4x8@60), shrug(3x20@155)Gabe pool party, Ocean beach bonfire
Sun Jun 09yyywyybike 8mi, pickleballDipsea race volunteer, softball playoffs
Mon Jun 10yyyybike to workRest day
Tue Jun 11yyyybike to work, deadlift(4x8@245), climb2x5.11+ climbs
Wed Jun 12yyyyybike to work, bench(4x8@60)Picked up a painting on my ride home
Thu Jun 13yyyybike to workOffice party
Fri Jun 14yhy
Sat Jun 15ywhike 22miHike to summit of Mt. Whitney
Sun Jun 16yywyDinner with mom
Mon Jun 17yyyybike to work
Tue Jun 18yyyyyybike to workSprinkler repair, walk Lily
Wed Jun 19yyyyyyclimb, bike to work
Thu Jun 20yyyybike to workPizza at Mark's house
Fri Jun 21yyyybike to workWalk Suki
Sat Jun 22yyywyyclimb, treadmill 1miTench party
Sun Jun 23yyywyytennis, squat(3x10@155), db press(3x10@40)Walk Suki
Mon Jun 24yyyyyybike to work+Orthodontist
Tue Jun 25yyyyybike to work, dbbench(4x10@55), lateral raises
Wed Jun 26yyyyyybike to work(not home), climbPlanted flowers
Thu Jun 27yyyyyybike to work, tennis
Fri Jun 28yyyyyybike to work, deadlift(3x8@225), biceps(3x10@25)
Sat Jun 29yyywyclimb, bench(5x10@135), run 1miClimb with Andrea, Mom yard work
Sun Jun 30yyywyysquat(4x7@185, too heavy)Softball, Costco
Mon Jul 01yyyyyybike to work, tennisTennis with Rory
Tue Jul 02yyyyyybike to work
Wed Jul 03yyyyyybike to work, tennis
Thu Jul 04yyhclimb, BBQ with mom+Lily
Fri Jul 05yyhhikecamping
Sat Jul 06yyywyyhikepants purchase
Sun Jul 07ywyyclimb, tennisWireshark custom dissector, help mom, take Lily
Mon Jul 08yyyydeadlift(4x9@225, easy)Select book for Gabe+Michelle book club
Tue Jul 09yyybench(4x8@60), shrugs
Wed Jul 10
Thu Jul 11
Fri Jul 12Matthew wedding
Sat Jul 13
Sun Jul 14
Mon Jul 15yyyyyyRest day, walk lily with K+G
Tue Jul 16
Wed Jul 17
Thu Jul 18
Fri Jul 19
Sat Jul 20
Sun Jul 21
Mon Jul 22
Tue Jul 23
Wed Jul 24
Thu Jul 25
Fri Jul 26
Sat Jul 27
Sun Jul 28
Mon Jul 29
Tue Jul 30
Wed Jul 31
Thu Aug 01
Fri Aug 02
Sat Aug 03Kevin wedding
Sun Aug 04
Mon Aug 05
Tue Aug 06
Wed Aug 07
Thu Aug 08
Fri Aug 09
Sat Aug 10
Sun Aug 11
Mon Aug 12
Tue Aug 13
Wed Aug 14
Thu Aug 15
Fri Aug 16
Sat Aug 17
Sun Aug 18
Mon Aug 19
Tue Aug 20
Wed Aug 21
Thu Aug 22
Fri Aug 23
Sat Aug 24
Sun Aug 25
Mon Aug 26
Tue Aug 27
Wed Aug 28
Thu Aug 29
Fri Aug 30
Sat Aug 31
Sun Sep 01
Mon Sep 02
Tue Sep 03
Wed Sep 04
Thu Sep 05
Fri Sep 06
Sat Sep 07
Sun Sep 08
Mon Sep 09
Tue Sep 10Hozier concert
Wed Sep 11
Thu Sep 12
Fri Sep 13
Sat Sep 14
Sun Sep 15
Mon Sep 16
Tue Sep 17
Wed Sep 18
Thu Sep 19
Fri Sep 20
Sat Sep 21
Sun Sep 22
Mon Sep 23
Tue Sep 24
Wed Sep 25
Thu Sep 26
Fri Sep 27
Sat Sep 28
Sun Sep 29
Mon Sep 30
Tue Oct 01
Wed Oct 02
Thu Oct 03
Fri Oct 04
Sat Oct 05
Sun Oct 06
Mon Oct 07
Tue Oct 08
Wed Oct 09
Thu Oct 10
Fri Oct 11
Sat Oct 12
Sun Oct 13
Mon Oct 14
Tue Oct 15
Wed Oct 16
Thu Oct 17
Fri Oct 18
Sat Oct 19
Sun Oct 20
Mon Oct 21
Tue Oct 22
Wed Oct 23
Thu Oct 24
Fri Oct 25
Sat Oct 26
Sun Oct 27
Mon Oct 28
Tue Oct 29
Wed Oct 30
Thu Oct 31
Fri Nov 01
Sat Nov 02
Sun Nov 03
Mon Nov 04
Tue Nov 05
Wed Nov 06
Thu Nov 07
Fri Nov 08
Sat Nov 09
Sun Nov 10
Mon Nov 11
Tue Nov 12
Wed Nov 13
Thu Nov 14
Fri Nov 15
Sat Nov 16
Sun Nov 17
Mon Nov 18
Tue Nov 19
Wed Nov 20
Thu Nov 21
Fri Nov 22
Sat Nov 23
Sun Nov 24
Mon Nov 25
Tue Nov 26
Wed Nov 27
Thu Nov 28
Fri Nov 29
Sat Nov 30
Sun Dec 01
Mon Dec 02
Tue Dec 03
Wed Dec 04
Thu Dec 05
Fri Dec 06
Sat Dec 07
Sun Dec 08
Mon Dec 09
Tue Dec 10
Wed Dec 11
Thu Dec 12
Fri Dec 13
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