2022 was a transitional year for me. I moved out of my parent's house in California and went to Boston for work. It was the first full calendar year since elementary school in which I was not a student. I seriously changed my eating and exercise habits, which improved my physical and mental health. I made reading a bigger part of my life and reconnected with sports and old friends.

Overall Goals

Chart Guidelines

Eat: near maintenance calories and near 1g/lb protein

Sleep: at least 8 hours

Exercise: at least 30 minutes

Work: be proud of my contribution/progress for the day

Create: make incremental progress on a creative project

Meditate: at least 5 minutes

Dec 28yyyholyyrun 7mi, bench
Dec 29yyyptoyyrun 4mi, bike 35min, fsquat
Dec 30yyptoyybike 1hr, bench
Dec 31yyywyyrun 7mi
Jan 1yyywyybike 1hr, run 2.5mi, fsquat
Jan 2yyyholyyrun 8mi, bench(135)
Jan 3ynapyyybike 1hr, fsquat(95)
Jan 4ynapyyyybike 1hr, bench(135)
Jan 5yyyyyrun 6mi, fsquat(125)
Jan 6yyyyyyrun 3mi, bike 30min, bench(5x10x125)
Jan 7yyywyyfsquat(125), bike 30mingot chin stitches, decreased workouts for a week.
Jan 8yyywyywalk 3mi
Jan 9yyyyywalk 0.8mi, bench(135)
Jan 10ytravyroom weightsFly to Boston
Jan 11yyyyyfsquat(120), bench(db55)
Jan 12yyyyywalk 3mi, run 4.5mi
Jan 13yyyyyybench(db55), fsquat(95)
Jan 14yyywyysoccer, run 5.5mi
Jan 15yyywyywalk 1misick
Jan 16yyyholyywalk 4.5mi, room weights
Jan 17yyyyyybench(db55,60), fsquat(4x8x135), run 4.5miTook stitches out.
Jan 18yyyyyymilpres(70), incrow(40), tricable(80), bike+row(30min)
Jan 19yyyyytreadmill(7mi)
Jan 20yyybench(db2x10x55,3x8x60), fsquat(4x8x135)
Jan 21yywyywalk 3.2mi
Jan 22yyywyysoccer
Jan 23yyyyydbbench(1x10x55, 4x8x60), latpd(4x10x140), tricable(80), shrug(3x20x60), row(3x10x35, 1x10x40), delt(15)
Jan 24yyyyyyrun 7mi
Jan 25yyyyyfsquat(4x8x135, 140 last set) bench(db5x8x60)
Jan 26yyyyylatpd(4x10x140), delt raise(4x10x15), bicep curl(4x10x30), row(4x10x35)
Jan 27yyyyyybench(5x8x60, some sets 10), tri cable(5x10x80), shrugs(5x20x65), walk 4 miles
Jan 28ywrun 5mi, walk 5mi, biceps,arnold press(4x10x30)
Jan 29yyywyysoccer
Jan 30yyyyyfsquat(4x8@140, 1x8@155), biceps(4x10@30), delt raise(4x15@10), row(4x12@40)weight = 176lbs
Jan 31yyyybench(5x10@60, 1x5@65), latpd(4x10@140), seated row(4x10@85), leg curl(4x10@70), shrugs(4x20@70)
Feb 1yyyyywalk 3mi, biceps(5x10@30), seated row(4x15@100), milpress(4x10@50), delt raise(4x15@10)
Feb 2yyyytricep cables (5x10@90), walk 7.5mi
Feb 3yyyyybench(4x10@60), fsquat(4x8@135), biceps(4x10@30)
Feb 4yywyywalk 2.5mi, run 7miBelow 0 temp in Boston.
Feb 5yyywyysoccer, walk 3mi
Feb 6yyyfsquat(5x8@155), lat pulldown(4x10@140)weight = 178lbs
Feb 7yyyyyybarbench(5x10@135, only 6,8 on last two sets), cable row(5x15@100), biceps(5x10@30), walk 2.75mi
Feb 8yyyyyarnold(5x10@35), db row(5x15@40), tricep cable (5x10@80, failed a few last set), pullups (5x5), walk 3.8mi
Feb 9yyyyyybsquat(4x8@135), biceps(5x10@30), delt raises(4x15@10), walk 4.75mi
Feb 10yyyyyybarbench(3x10@135, 6, 4), walk 4miweight = 182lbs
Feb 11yywyybiceps(5x15@25), arnold press(5x10@25), pilatestrain to Essex
Feb 12yyywyyrun 6miFinished reading "Moby Dick"
Feb 13yyyyfsquat(5x8@155, last set 165), db row(4x15@40), lateral raise(4x15@10)
Feb 14yyyyydbbench(6x10@60) felt strong, lat pulldown (5x10@140), tricep cable(5x10@70)
Feb 15yyyyyybiceps(5x12@30, only 6+3 last set), arnold press(5x10@35), shrugs(3x15@70), cable row(4x15@120), walk 4.5mi
Feb 16yyyyyybsquat(5x5@185), walk 4.5 milesReached preliminary squat goal, got sick.
Feb 17yysyysick
Feb 18yywyysick, talk with Andrew.
Feb 19yyywywalk 1.8misick
Feb 20yyysyywalk 3misick, weight = 179lbs
Feb 21yyysyywalk 2misick
Feb 22yyyyyywalk 2misick
Feb 23yyyyywalk 2.5misick, snow in Boston.
Feb 24yyyywalk 3misick
Feb 25yyywyywalk 7.5mi, biceps(5x10@25), arnold press(3,2x10@25,30), lateral raise(5x15@10), one armed row(30lbs, 60 reps)ice skating
Feb 26yyywyywalk 6mi
Feb 27yyyyyydbbench(5x10@60), db pec fly(3x10@20), tricep extension(4x10@80), crunch machine(3x10@220?)first day back in the gym
Feb 28yyyyywalk 4mi, biceps(5x10@30 + reps), pullupsTweaked hamstring squatting, so I stopped early.
Mar 1yyyyyyrun 1hr (6 miles)
Mar 2yyyyyydbbench(5x10@60, last set 12), crunch(4x20@145?), pec fly machine(4x15@90), arnold press(4x8@35), bike 15minHad trouble eating enough calories.
Mar 3yyyyybsquat(4x8@155, last set 185), pullups(5x5), biceps(6x10@30), shrugs(4x20@75), walk 4.5mi
Mar 4yywywalk 4mi (rest)
Mar 5yyywyyrun 7mi
Mar 6yyyyyydbbench(5x10@60) first 2 sets 12, pec flys(4x15@20), tricep cable extensios(4x15@80), arnold press(3x8@30), walk 4.5mi
Mar 7yyfsquat(5x8@155, last set 165), lateral raise(4x15@10), shrugs(4x20@75), biceps(5x10@30)
Mar 8yyyyyrun 5mi
Mar 9yydbbench(4x10@60, 1x8@65), crunch(??145), pec fly machine(90?)
Mar 10yyybsquat(3x8@185, 1x8@165), biceps(4x10@30)
Mar 11wsoccerweight = 176lbs
Mar 12yyywyrock climbing, run/walk 3miles
Mar 13yyyyyrest day, clean room and chores
Mar 14yyysyybiceps(5x12@30), arnold press(5x12@30), lateral raise(4x15@10)sick
Mar 15yyysyydb rows(4x30@30)sick
Mar 16yyysyywalk 4.8mi, maxpushup=33
Mar 17yyysyybiceps(5x12@30), arnold press(5x15@30), run 4mi, maxpushup=40sick
Mar 18yyywyywalk 6miles, soccer game, maxpushup=35first soccer game of season
Mar 19yyywyyrest day, parade with Andrea in town, weight=178.6lbs
Mar 20yyyyyydbbench(5x10@60, last set @65), shrugs(4x20@75), pec fly machine(last set 20@105), maxpushup=32
Mar 21yyyyyyfsquat(5x12@135, last set x15), biceps(5x12@30), walk 4.25mi
Mar 22yyyyyrun 7mi
Mar 23yyyyydbbench(5x10@60, last set @65), shrugs(4x20@75), cable row(4x10@120), walk 5miWent to the MFA.
Mar 24yyyyyybiceps(5x12@30), pullups(~25)I didn't warm up properly and had stop
Mar 25ywyyrest day
Mar 26yyywyywalk 5miSoccer game
Mar 27yyyyydbbench(5x10@60), milpress(5x10@60), pec fly machine(4x20@105), crunch(4x20@165), pullups(~15)
Mar 28yyyleg curl(4x12@70?), leg press(up to 20@210), shrug(4x20@75), biceps(4x12@30, 2x10@35), walk 2miHaley
Mar 29yyyrun 6mi, walk 4miWoodshop with Ethan
Mar 30yyydbbench(4x10@60, 2x10@65), crunch(4x30@185), pec fly machine(4x12@105), lateral raise(4x15@10)
Mar 31yyyyrest day (12 pullups)
Apr 1yyywyysoccer, biceps(4x12@30), arnold press(4x15@30)Soccer Game
Apr 2yyywyyrun 13mi, walk 3miHalf Marathon
Apr 3yyyydbbench(4x10@60, ~15@65), tricable(4x15@70), pec fly machine(4x15@105), arnold press(4x10@30)
Apr 4yyyyypullups(~25), shrugs(4x20@75), crunch(4x20@185), biceps(4x10@25), cable row(4x15@100)
Apr 5yyyyyleg curl(5x10@100), squat(3x8@155), bike 20minweight=171lbs
Apr 6yyydbbench(4x10@60,2x10@65), biceps(5x10@30,1x10@35), rear delt fly, tricep cable pulldown(3x10@70), soccer
Apr 7yyfsquat(3x8@155), arnold press(5x15@30), shrugbaked cookies
Apr 8ywysoccer
Apr 9ywpickle ball, pushupsIn Essex for Easter
Apr 10yybiceps(4x10@30), arnold press(4x15@30), walk 4.5mi, max pullups=13
Apr 11yyyyyydbbench(5x10@60), shrugs(4x15@75), tri cable(4x15@70 tough), crunch(4x20@185), soccerweight=179lbs
Apr 12yyyyyyleg curl(4x15@100), fsquat(4x10@155), cable row(4x15@120), walk 2mi
Apr 13yyyyybiceps(4x8@35, 1x12@30), milpress(5x10@70, some extra reps), walk 5mi
Apr 14yyyyydbbench(5x10@60, extra reps), shrug(5x15@75), tricep pulldown(3x15@60), lat pulldown(3x10@140), run 3mi, walk 4mi
Apr 15yywysoccer, pickleball, pullups(total 20), pushups(60)Essex to see Annie's lacrosse game
Apr 16yyywyywalk 5mi, run 3mi, room weights
Apr 17yyyyyybike/row 1hr, pullups(total 20), walk 4mi
Apr 18yyyydbbench(1x10@60, 5x8@65), shrugs(5x15@75), tricep cable(4x15@80?), crunch(3x20@185, 1x20@205), soccer
Apr 19yyysyroom weights, run 4mi
Apr 20yyyyyyrock climbing, fsquat(4x8@165, 1x8@185)
Apr 21yyyyrun 3mi, dbbench(5x8@65), crunch(4x20@185), leg curl(4x15@100), dbrow(4x15@45), pec fly(roughly 3x15@90), walk 4mi
Apr 22yyywyysoccer, room weights, walk 4mi
Apr 23yyywyran 6mi, walk 3mi
Apr 24yyyyyyidbbench(4x12@50), crunch(4x20@205), rear delt fly(3x15@50?), walk 7mi
Apr 25yyybiceps(5x10@35), triceps(4x15@70), leg curl(4x15@100), fsquat(work up to 5@185), walk 5mi, soccerLate night soccer game
Apr 26yyyyyydbrow(4x15@40), lateral raise(4x15@10), latpd(4x10@140), cardio(35min), walk 5mi
Apr 27yyyyywalk 4mi, barbench(4x10@135, 1x7@155)
Apr 28yyyRest day
Apr 29yyywyyRun 13mi, walk 4miHalf Marathon (1hr42min)
Apr 30yywroom weights, walk 4mi
May 1yyyydbbench(5x8@65), tricable, shrugs
May 2yyyyyfsquat(4x8@165), leg curl(4x15@100), soccer, walk 3mi
May 3yyyyydbrow(4x15@40), latpd(4x10@140), biceps(4x10@30, short last set), soccer
May 4yyyyrun 2.5mi, walk 3miTired and sore after two soccer games
May 5yyyyyydbbench(4x9@65), shrugs(4x20@75), tricable(4x20@60), crunch(3x20@205), bike/row(50min)
May 6yyywyywalk 7miSomerville Art Festival
May 7yywyywalk 11mi, room weights, soccer
May 8yyysyywalk 2.5mi, run 3.75mi
May 9ysyywalk 3mi, bike 5mi, soccer
May 10yyysyybike 4mi, run 5mi
May 11yybike 9mi, walk 2mi
May 12yyyyybike 3.5mi, sprint workout(4mi, 4x100m)
May 13yyywYardwork in Essex
May 14yyywyybike 8mi, walk 2.5mi, soccer
May 15yyyydbbench(5x10@60), crunch(5x20@205)Kevin T engagement
May 16yyyyleg curl(5x15@100), biceps(5x12@30), squat(2x10@135, left glute hurt), soccer, bike 4mi
May 17yyyydb row(3x15@40), triceps(3x15@60), shrugs(4x20@75), lateral raise(4x20@10), lat pulldown(4x12@140), soccer, bike 7.5mi
May 18yyyyrun 4mi
May 19yysysickness worsening
May 20yyywyysick
May 21yyywyybike 9mi, soccerLast soccer game of regular season
May 22yyysyywalk 5mi
May 23yyyybike 4mi, soccer
May 24yyyyybike 12mi
May 25yyyyyyleg curl(4x20@100), leg extension(4x20@100), crunch(3x20@185), pullups(~35)
May 26yyyydbbench(4x10@60), milpress(1x15@60, 3x15@70), rear delt(4x15@50?), walk 4mi, bike 10mi
May 27yyywywalk 9miProvidence for Brown Reunion
May 28ywyGood Harbor Beach in Gloucester
May 29yyhyyleg curl+leg extension(3x20@100, 1x20@115), crunch(4x20@205), shrug(4x20@75), bike 14miMemorial Day
May 30yyysoccer7v7 Soccer Championship
May 31yyyyrun 6mi
Jun 1yywydbbench(4x12@60), leg curl(4x20@100), leg extension(4x20@115)Two years at Onshape
Jun 2yyyyydbrow(4x15@40), crunch(1x20@185,3x20@205), lat pulldown(4x15@140), biceps(4x8@30), triceps(3x15@60), shrugs, walk 5mi, pickle ballPickle ball in rain
Jun 3yywsoccer
Jun 4ywyyProgramming quiz, rest day
Jun 5yyyyyyleg curl(4x20@100), leg extension(1x20@115, 3x20@130), lateral raise(4x10@10), crunch(3x20@205), deadlift(1x10@45 lol)
Jun 6yyyyyincline bench(5x10@50), shrug(4x20@60), tricep pulldown, soccer
Jun 7yyyknee injured, resting
Jun 8yyyyyylat pulldown(3x10@140), cable row(3x12@120?), lateral raise(3x20@10), biceps(3x10@30)knee still hurt
Jun 9yyyyydbbench(4x8@65), shrug(4x20@75), deadlift(2x8@95)Call with Andrew, A2
Jun 10yywKevin O Wedding
Jun 11wybike 5mi
Jun 12yyybike 8mi
Jun 13yyyysoccer
Jun 14yyyvyincline bench(4x10@50), biceps(4x10@30)Vacation
Jun 15yvbike 30min, walk 2miVisit Cezanne
Jun 16yyvyonly bike for 15min :(
Jun 17yywrun 5miNew Bedford for Arabella launch.
Jun 18ywlat pulldown(4x12@140), arnold press(1x12@35,3x12@40)
Jun 19yyyhyysoccer, run 3.5mi
Jun 20yyyyyassorted cardio(bike,row,run) 45min
Jun 21yyyyydbbench(4x10@60), deadlift(2x10@135), lraise+tricepsChanged form on bench press, slower+deeper eccentric and pause at bottom.
Jun 22yyybike 8.5mi
Jun 23yyyyylat pulldown(4x12@140), shrugs, walk 5.5mi, bike 7.5mi
Jun 24yywrun 4mi, walk 5mi, dbbench(4x10@50), milpress(4x12@60?)Dead and Co. Concert at Fenway
Jun 25ywyywalk 9mi, pullupsI have been eating too many protein bars these last few days and not enough real food.
Jun 26ydeadlift(3x8@135, 1x8@155), walk 3miMilkshake
Jun 27yyyyysoccer
Jun 28yyydbbench(4x10@55), run 4mi
Jun 29yyrest day
Jun 30yyyrun 3.5miTravel to Essex
Jul 1yyywykayakMaine
Jul 2yyywwalk 6miMaine. Finish reading The Odyssey.
Jul 3yhwalk 5mi
Jul 4yyhyydeadlift(1x8@135,3x8@155), bent row(3x10@85?), walk 5mi, bike 3miRed Sox game + fireworks
Jul 5yyyrow class, bike 9mi
Jul 6yyyydbbench(4x10@55), walk 5mi, bike 3miLast day at Onshape
Jul 7yyuMartha's Vineyard
Jul 8yyuyCape Cod beach
Jul 9uReturn to Boston + Pickleball
Jul 10uLast day in Boston
Jul 11yyyuyyFlight to CA
Jul 12yyyuyywalk 3mi, spin 50min
Jul 13yyyuyyspin 60min
Jul 14yyyuyyfsquat(4x8@135), bar row(up to 95lbs), golf, bikeBought new bike
Jul 15yyyuyybike 8.5mi, walk 2mi
Jul 16yyyuyytennis, OHP(3x10@80lbs), bike 2mi
Jul 17yyyyyFirst day at SpaceX, only biked for 20mins
Jul 18yyyyyyDeadlift(2x10@185), bike 10mi
Jul 19yyyyyyBike 5mi, walk 1.5mi, bench(4x10@135)
Jul 20yyyyrest day, walk 5mi
Jul 21yyyybsquat(2x10@135,155), row(2x10@90,135)
Jul 22ywtennis, biking
Jul 23yywytennis, softball
Jul 24yyyincline bench(4x7@45)Go to Washington
Jul 25yy
Jul 26yyy
Jul 27yylunges(4@100), lateral raises
Jul 28yybench(4x10@135), row(4x10@135)Return from Washington
Jul 29yywTennis
Jul 30yywyyBike 20mi, softball
Jul 31yyyyyyBike 12mi, deadlift(2x10@205)Bike to work, slow start to work
Aug 1yyyyyBaseball, bench(3x10@135)
Aug 2yyy
Aug 3yyyyHillsdale Mall dinner
Aug 4yyysquat(4x10@155)
Aug 5yyywyyhike, bench(4x10@135), OHP(4x10@80)
Aug 6yyywyytennis, softballhurt knee?
Aug 7yyyyrows(4x10@135)
Aug 8yytennis, bench(3x10@135,2x8@145)
Aug 9yyyyBirthday party in Foster City
Aug 10yyyyyOHP(4x8@95), row(4x10@135)
Aug 11yBaseball with friends
Aug 12yyywyyBench(4x8@145), shrug(up to 170)
Aug 13yyywyyShort bike, row(4x10@135)
Aug 14yyyyyOHP(4x8@95), lateral raise(3x20@10)
Aug 15yyyyyyTennis after work, Owen arrives in SV for work
Aug 16yyyyyyBike (little), bench(4x8@150, 1x12@135) -1rep on 150
Aug 17yyyyyy
Aug 18yBike 18mi, row(4x12@135)Office board games.
Aug 19yywyyBench(4x8@155), shrug(up to 185)
Aug 20yywysoftballSoftball playoffs (see picture at top)
Aug 21yyyyyyrow(4x14@135), curls(3x10@55), lateral raise(3x15?@10)
Aug 22yyyyy
Aug 23yyyybike 16mi, bench(3x8@155,1x10@135)
Aug 24yyyvy
Aug 25yyvyFinished "Heart of Darkness", rafting in NC
Aug 26yyywhikeKaitlyn Wedding, sick
Aug 27ywsick
Aug 28yysick, WFH
Aug 29yyyyybikesick, WFH
Aug 30yyyyyy
Aug 31
Sep 1Drive to Tahoe
Sep 2dbbench(5x8@60), tricable, walk 4miTahoe
Sep 3deadlift(2x10@185), bicepsTahoe
Sep 4Labor day (sick)
Sep 5yyyysick
Sep 6yyyyLearned about audio compression
Sep 7yyyyyybike to workMade typo fix to docker-run man page
Sep 8yyyyybike to work, deadlift(2x5@225)
Sep 9yyywyytennis, bench(2x8@155, 2x8@145)Visit Lily
Sep 10yyyyyytennis, softballLunch with Naveen
Sep 11yyyyybike to work, bsquat(up to 8@170)
Sep 12yyyytennis, row(5x12@135)Tennis with coworkers
Sep 13yyyybike to work
Sep 14yyyyybike to work, run 1miFirst run in 40 days
Sep 15yyybike to work, bench(4x8@155), bsquat(5x8@170)
Sep 16yywytennis, walk 6miStanford football game
Sep 17yyywysoftball, OHP(4x8@95), tennisBass Pro pickup
Sep 18yyydeadlift(2x10@225)Pickup dad's friend at airport
Sep 19yyyyybench(5x8@150)
Sep 20yyyy
Sep 21yyybsquat(4x8@185)
Sep 22yyyybike to workBaseball
Sep 23ywyytennisDrive dad to airport
Sep 24yywyywalk, softball
Sep 25
Sep 26
Sep 27
Sep 28
Sep 29
Sep 30
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