No Internet Week

I have procrastination and avoidance issues. These issues get in the way of me doing my schoolwork and other activities that are good for me (exercising, reading, meditating, ...).

One of the many things that exacerbate these issues is unlimited access to the Internet. It is very easy for me to avoid work when I can pop open YouTube and escape any mental frustration.

With this in mind, I want to abstain from all non essential Internet usage for a week (essential being defined as "related to school").

Sat Mar 27I have to fight the urge to open up a new browser tab and distract myself. I am feeling sad and missing the distraction.
Sun Mar 28Same urges today. Not any easier to do schoolwork. I have been reading when I need to distract myself.
Mon Mar 29Lots of reading, I am strangely feeling better.
Tue Mar 30I am not missing browsing the internet at all at this point. I do miss playing the PS4 though. This process is definitely helping me improve my perseverance.
Wed Mar 31Feeling good today. I have become a little cynical about using the Internet now. Maybe an overcorrection, but I think there is something there. Mindlessly watching youtube videos or scrolling through forums doesn't really gain you anything. You make no progress towards anything, and you create nothing. For me, as someone who values creativity, this is a bad thing. However, there is an interesting tweak when it comes to video games. Certain video games allow you to make progress towards something, to demonstrate mastery, and to be mentally active within the game. I feel these have a valid place in my future free time, unlike the other internet distractions I previously mentioned.
Thu Apr 1No more cravings today, feeling pretty confident about continuing my life with a largely reduced internet usage.
Fri Apr 2The end of the week is here, and I have learned a lot about my habits. I don't think I will be continuing to watch hours of youtube every day, and my overall internet usage will definitely go way down.