iOS Software "Features" That Make Me Want to Dedicate My Life to Business, Start My Own Company, Build a Trillion Dollar Empire, Perform a Hostile Takeover of Apple, Then Fire Every Single Person Who Ever Worked on iOS

Lots of times when I use Apple software, I get the suspicion that the person who designed it thought they knew what was best for me. While this is a noble intention and I appreciate opinionated defaults, I really despise the way I am locked into their idea of how to use a phone with no ability to customize.

  1. The inability to turn the flashlight on: When I press the menu button to turn the flashlight on, it should turn on, absolutely no exceptions. Apple doesn't let me keep my flashlight on when I am taking a picture (but I can do it when I am shooting a video).

  2. The inability to turn my speaker off: When I want my phone to make no noise, it should not make noise, absolutely no exceptions. When on a phone (or FaceTime) call, it is impossible to turn your volume down all the way. The volume slider literally bottoms out at the last "notch" and does not go to 0.