I use a Canon A1 camera loaded with an assortment of Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Ultramax 400, Fuji C200, Ektar 100.

I took a black and white film photography course offered by the art department at my school as my introduction to photography.

I mostly take pictures of nature and man made objects that showcase the power of human engineering (like buildings + bridges).

The scans I receive are very large, so instead of hosting them here and clogging up my local disk, I let Google Photos do the heavy lifting!

I shoot film for the following reasons (and no others):

  1. I own a film camera.
  2. The "out of the box" (no post processing in software) colors coming off of old school film look better to me than those from cheap digital cameras. Note that I do not make the general assertion that film colors look better than digital colors, just that a cheap film camera out-competes a cheap digital. I have no doubt that high quality digital cameras are the best equipment for photography, it is just that I do not want to pay for a high quality digital camera because I do not take photography very seriously.
  3. I can make my own prints (my brother and I got an enlarger for free on Craigslist) without having to use a digital printer.
  4. I think the grain patterns in the film look cool, but I also think that adding them to a digital picture is really tacky.

I shoot black and white for the following reasons (and no others):

  1. When I don't have any color film left.
  2. I want to develop and print the pictures myself.
  3. The colors of the subject are going to look "meh" (like an all green forest), and a black and white picture might look more interesting (sometimes colors distract from the contrast that is revealed when the image is B+W).

I make these statements because I do not like the attitude that there are "intangibles" that make film/BW photography superior.